Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gudnight messagee.....


Touch ur heart, close ur eyes, make a whish, say good nite, sky so wide, stars so bright, off the light, sleep tight

sending u 1000 smiles.
take one 4 now and remaining 999 under u,r pillow.
pick out 1 every time u think of me,
because i want 2 see u smiling alwaye

You are my sunshine. and i miss you at night. will you be my moon? goodnight

Lo vi Mitro
Nal e Good morning vi lelo kyoki aapa savere late uthna hai

10 Msgs 4u 1 Hi 2 Hello 3 I miss U 4 HrU? 5 Hope Ur fine 6 Keep smiling 7 Take care 8 God Bles U 9 B happy 10 Chalo daso msg ka reply do GOOD NIGHT

Angel East
Angel West
The North
and the South
look after you all nite long
sweet dreams my heart

Di£ me hamesha Ek shor ho raha hai..
Bina $m$ .. Di£ bor ho raha hai....
Kahi aisa to nahi.... Ke ek pyaara sa dost 'GØØD NIGHT' kiye bina hi so raha hai


Ab itni night ko apun tere ko kisi film ki kahani sunane ke liye msg to karega nahin. Common sense ki baat hai
ke tere ko GUD Night bolne ka hai! Chal ludak le..

In tis lovely nite, I pray 2 the blue moon 2 protect U thru the nite, the wind 2 blow away ur stress N the
twinkle stars 2 guide U the way, sweet dreams G00d NIGHT!

I wish that God would hold u tight.
I hope that angels will keep u in site.
Now just2make sure u feel all rite,
I'm gonna wish u a wonderful Night!

Welcome aboard2 "Sweet Dreams" airline,
All passengers on bed, hug ur pillows
As the flight will be leaving soon 2dream land.
Enjy ur time ;) GOOD'NITE!

No matter the sky is black or blue, no matter there's stars or moon, as long as ur heart is true, sweet dreams
will always be wif u. Good Nite!

sleepy msg for a sleepy person from a sleepy friend for a sleepy reason at a sleepy time on the sleepy day in
a sleepy mood to say please sleep"gud night"

Remember that each time u fall ..
I'll nvr let u reach the ground..
Trust always be around.gudnight

My sms may nt mean too much 4 you .. but to mie . it mean alot , cos its my way of showing you tat i care .
good nite =)

Tonight i'm going to sleep earlier b'coz i want to see u in my dream very early. gud night

I'm sending a pillow of happy thoughts to create wonderful dreams, a blanket of care to comfort you all night
& a prayer to protect until morning. GOOD NIGHT!! SLEEP TIGHT!!